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Recursos de Global Agenda [Ingles]

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Hello forum folks, this is an effort to streamline important information to the community as a whole for quick and easy reference. Please consider this thread very much a work in progress.

If anyone has anything to recommend (Guides, Fan-Sites, Videos, etc...), please post below or feel free to PM me. ^^

Link Legend
Links marked with (GA) are linked to the "Official Global Agenda Site"
Links marked with (Steam) are linked to the "Official Steam Site"
Links marked with (HEX) are linked to the "Hex Agenda Site"

Official Global Agenda Sites

Global Agenda
Hi-Rez Studios
Global Agenda Store
Global Agenda Blog
Hi-Rez Studio's YouTube Channel
Twitter: GA Server Status
Global Agenda Community Forums (Forum Code of Conduct)
Official Global Agenda Wiki
Help Us Test: New Global Agenda Installer (Beta) (Steam Free Install Option)

Global Agenda Articles


MMORPG's Global Agenda Review
MMO Hut's Global Agenda Review
inc gamers Global Agenda Review
Massively's Rise and Shiny Recap: Global Agenda
Corpse Run's Global Agenda Review
IGN's Global Agenda Review
The Daily GamePad Global Agenda (PC) 9.8
Mandifesto Global Agenda Review


Underdog's Review of GA and Interview with Todd Harris
The Average Gamer's Exclusive with HiRez CEO Todd Harris
IGN's Global Agenda: Creating the Perfect Storm

Global Agenda on Steam

Global Agenda
Global Agenda Forums
Global Agenda Official Group
Steam and Game Stats

Global Agenda FREE Trial Information

Global Agenda's Free Trial Sign-Up
Coupon Code Exchange (30% discount when bought from the GA Store)
Global Agenda's System Requirements
Global Agenda Free Trial - Content Break Down
I just bought the game and I cannot log in. How do I activate my key?

Newbi Information

(GA) Official Player's Guide
(GA) Global Agenda Commands and Emotes

Community Sites and Projects

Agenda Stats - Community Statistics (GA Thread)
Agenda Profile - Profile Creator (GA Thread)
Official Global Agenda Wiki
Global Agenda Contests
Hex Agenda - Fansite
Global Agenda Wikia
Global Agenda Blog
Global Agenda IRC with mIRC
Global HQ - Global Agenda Podcasts (iTunes)


Global Agenda's Class Overview
(GA) Grr's Basic Class Guide By UltimateGrr


(GA) Assault Forum
(GA) The Consolidated "L2P Assault" Thread By Torothetank
(GA) HACKS Professional Tanking Guide By Excal
(GA) Ziolent's BS: Comparing 6/7/0 tank and 7/6/0 tank By Ziolent
(GA) MeleeTank Guide By Pluberus
(GA) AOE Assaults, GET ON DAT POINT! A Guide to not being squishy By Neonphades
(GA) Slurms' Global Agenda Tips By Slurms
(GA) JoMamma's Badass Guide to PvE Assault By jaradrabbit
(GA) Anti-Robotics Guide By Gleb
(GA) Cryme presents 4v4 Videos By Cryme


(GA) Medic Forum
(GA) Everything You Need to Know About Medic as a New Player By -Nomad-
(GA) AvA Healing 101 By Alita
(GA) 100 Medic Tricks of the Trade By The Medic Forum
(GA) Poison Medic 101 By Nickeboy
(GA) Need Medic Advice? I've Got What You Need By -Nomad-
(GA) Bring the Pain....Episode 1 (4v4 - Video) By Haxx
(GA) Protocol 4v4 Medic POV -Video- By -Sieg
(GA) Cryme presents 4v4 Videos By Cryme


(GA) Recon Forum
(GA) Basic Recon Marksmanship By Wobberjockey
(GA) Meleecon Guide By Pluberus
(GA) Pro Rere Guide (Melee PvP) By Chasmatic
(GA) SMG Recon Guide By Pluberus
(GA) Recon Wiki By Mervda
(GA) Ziolent's Personal Guide to PvP Snipercon By Ziolent
(GA) Sniper AvA positioning guide - Breach By Chasmatic
(GA) Sniper Positioning - Defense Facility By Chasmatic
(GA) A Torokokill Video: Sniper Close Quarters By Torokokill
(GA) Requiem Vol. 1 4v4 (Video) By Chasmatic


(GA) Robotics Forum
(GA) Mercenary Video Series - Robotics By Crank
(GA) Beacon Carrier Setup - AvA By Carisma
(HEX) The Ultimate Robotics Guide (pdf) By Septumus
(GA) How To: Drobo By Canucck
(GA) Sparra's Drone Robo Guide By Sparra
(GA) A Robo's Guide to PvE (Low-High Sec) By Neofalcon
(GA) Neuromonic's Robo Guide to Winning Raids with Pick-Up-Groups By Neuromonic
(GA) Engineering Tree Skill Points - What They Mean By Sansa


Special OPS (PvE)

(GA) The new player's guide to group PvE By jaradrabbit
(GA) Special Ops for New Players By AgentLynx
(GA) How (not) to get healed in PvE By jaradrabbit
(GA) Target Priority in PvE By jaradrabbit
(GA) Double Agent 101: A Guide By Locked

Raids (10 man PvE)

Global Agenda: Raid Timer
(GA) Guide to Raids By MilesTegM

Mercenary (PvP)

Global Agenda Mission Briefing: PvP Scramble
Global Agenda Mission Briefing: PvP Control
Global Agenda Mission Briefing: PvP Breach
Global Agenda Mission Briefing: PvP Payload
Global Agenda Mission Briefing: PvP Demolition

Arena (4v4 and 10v10)


Agency vs Agency (AvA)

(GA) Facility Management Guide By aPend
(GA) Foundation of a Strikeforce By Aexrael
(GA) Updated AvA production table Season 3+ By mardur
(GA) AvA Video Compilation By V0ldis

Crafting and Mod Guides

(GA) Crafting in Global Agenda Guide
(GA) 1.3 - Mod Guide By Sycarius
(GA) The actual % numbers of Mods and 1.3 By Blue

Useful Tools

(GA) My Stats - Player and Agency Search
Agenda Stats - Community Statistics
Agenda Profile - Profile Creator
Global Agenda: Raid Timer
(GA) Unofficial GA Raid Timer - In-game timer RELEASED. BETA! By mrbucket
(GA) Global Agenda Sidebar Gadget v0.1.5 By Spynet
(GA) Crafting Calculator with Message Generator! By Fendora & TheSambasti
(GA) [Excel] GoldMath's Protection Calculator By GoldMath
(HEX) GA Skill Planner
(HEX) Dev Tracker


(GA) Video Compendium By Pluberus
(GA) Fan Art Forum
(GA) Fan Fiction
(GA) Canon in eBook format By Andur

Technical Support

(GA) Answer Center
(GA) Problem and Bug Forum
Global Agenda - Tweak Guide (Performance / Appearance) By Pluberus
(GA) Quick way to improve your FPS! By Sparra
(GA) Important! Using Wireless with Vista or Win7? Check here! By CombatHermit
(GA) How to fix chat font bluryness and eyestrain death (Windows 7 / Vista) By Shelley
(GA) What network ports are used by Global Agenda?


(GA) A Guide to Basic Facts and Common Misconceptions of GA By Antitso
Flair List (with photos) By Pluberus
(GA) Comprehensive Guide to the People By Pluberus
(GA) Global Agenda Developer Q+A By Reyco
Global Agenda TV Tropes
Tom's Hardware - Build Your Own: Introducing Tom's Hardware's BestConfigs!


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