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Mensaje  Latok el Vie 25 Nov 2011, 16:14

Just thought I'd help you get a quick jump on things by giving you advice of some things you may want to do when you first log in (after your first quest is given of course )!

On launch, you might get stuck at either a Black Screen or a SWTOR Logo screen for up to 5 minutes on the first time. This is a normal thing. Wait patiently. If it has not completed in 10 minutes. You have an issue then. After the first time, the game should load much faster whenever you restart it.

Go Into Options And Change:
Chat To Not disappear. This will allow you to keep up on conversations
Auto Loot on Right Click - This will loot everything from a body with one click.
Area Loot Enabled - This will loot the area of mobs you have killed with one click(about 30m).

There is no sell all button (Once you have a companion you can send them to sell your "grey" items. It takes them 60 seconds). Right Click items to sell at vendors. All have a buy back option.

Make sure to always "Repair All" at Vendors

Another Nice Feature I like is to change your group window to raid window. Much nicer I feel and easier to heal with (sort of like Rift).

Ctrl-Shift-F shows your fps in the bottom left corner.
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