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Mensaje  Latok el Jue 01 Dic 2011, 22:18

Esto es util sobre todo para los que jugaron la anterior beta, algunas cosas me gustan que son fix de cosas que vi mal:

- Using the /stuck command will no longer kill the player unless a safe location cannot be determined. Players can now only use /stuck every 120 seconds.

- Tab targeting now more accurately takes into account which enemies are on screen.
- Tab targeting can now select enemies at a longer range.

- Companion Characters now vocalize less frequently during combat.

- Removed the /bug button from the User Interface. Players should now submit bugs using the Customer Service Portal. (estaba bindeada a una tecla que uso y no se podia quitar, menos mal)

- Some chat commands have bene changed. The following commands now work when used followed by player-created chat channel names: /ctjoin, /cleave, /cinvite, /ckick, /mute, and /unmute.

- Players can now map the mouse wheel up and down to any game function, and the Camera Zoom In/Out can be mapped to keys.

Bug Fixes:
- The server login queue now displays more accurate estimates.

- The Friends List now updates properly to display friends who are online.

- Undiscovered bind points now have floating icons above them in the game world. Once discovered, the icon no longer displays.
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